CCHQ cocks up on Twitter

In true Ed Balls Day spirit, everyone loves a good Twitter gaffe. CCHQ are the red-faced ones today as Guido Fawkes reports their Twitter account launched a series of tweets attacking Labour MPs which abstained from the Article 50 vote. The issue is that the Labour MPs CCHQ attacked were with the same amount of Tory MPs on international visits.


The ignorance of Jeremy Corbyn's red star

If I displayed a swastika on this blog, there would be outrage - and rightly so. (Although my traffic would probably increase substantially). Guido Fawkes brilliantly points out today that another symbol of history, the communist red star, should arguably receive the same level of condemnation as the swastika due to red star donning Joseph Stalin's regime killing almost (and possibly more) innocent people than Adolf Hitler's regime...

A Soviet propaganda poster.

What do the Corbynistas do with such a disgusting symbol of history? Why they hang it on top of their Christmas trees, of course! If you stand behind a swastika or a red star, you have no place in civilised society.

Voters' well-being key to election success

In what is seemingly the most obvious blog post since Poaching Parliament began, I can tell you that the electorate are more likely to vote for a party which they feel will improve their well-being.

Hannah Richardson at the BBC reports that former head of the British Civil Service Lord Gus O'Donnell made the groundbreaking revelation during a conference at the London School of Economics held by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

If politicians and other Westminster bureaucrats are just realising this now, then it's no wonder why so many British people are apathetic towards the establishment! 

Cuts to contraception may lead to an increase in abortions

Abortion is a terrible thing whether you're pro-life or pro-choice. It's usage can be for the best though, and as terrible as it is, I can see why it's necessary, but this blog post will attempt to steer clear of the pro-choice/pro-life debate as much as possible

Victoria Derbyshire has reported that many GPs have stopped providing some forms of contraception due to funding cuts. Some clinicians claim this will subsequently increase the amount of abortions carried out as a result.

The Advisory Group on Contraception produced its research after the government announced public health cuts totalling £800 million over six years.

I thought it went without saying, but if you want to decrease your likelihood of having to consider an abortion then make sure you keep on top of contraception.

The end of 'One China?'

This blog has discussed countless times Trump's presidency. To add another entry to the list of *ahem* unconventional moves, BBC News reports today that Trump was reviewing the US' 'One China' policy which has been in place for decades and whether the US should establish formal ties with Taiwan.

Naturally, the Chinese are furious with this and there have been numerous condemnations in their (state owned) media. Tensions between the US and China have been fermenting ever since Trump had a phone call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

It will be interesting to see the state US-Chinese relations are in by 2020...